Roskill Community Voice is your local team on the Puketāpapa Local Board of Auckland Council.

We work to give our community a strong voice, and together we are building a Roskill that is proud, progressive, and prosperous.

We have fought for decisions to be made here in Roskill, not at the Town Hall. We have advanced important initiatives to protect our environment and heritage. And we have stepped forward to work with and support our valued local community groups.

Cross-Post: Jon Turner’s Annual Report for the first year.

This is a cross-post from Jon’s personal site. Releasing trees by Wairaki Stream It has now been a full calendar year (and a bit!) since I was elected to the Puketāpapa Local Board, and it is almost a cliché now to say that it has been a year no one expected. I have put together

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Our vision to Revive Roskill Town Centre

This vision document was released publicly on Monday 26th August 2019, as Roskill Community Voice’s next steps from the Big Ideas for Mt Roskill Town Centre campaign.  Printed copies will be distributed to businesses in the Roskill Town Centre and a summary leaflet produced for wider circulation too, as well as being available online.   Introduction

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Media statement: Disgraceful plan to bulldoze Liston Village one step closer to being overturned

Disgraceful plan to bulldoze Liston Village Seniors Social Housing one step closer to being overturned “The disgraceful C&R-led plan to bulldoze Seniors social housing at Liston Village in Hillsborough is one step closer to being overturned”, says Julie Fairey after the Roskill Community Voice majority on the  Puketāpapa  Local Board voted last night to confirm its view

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Media statement: Better Footpath Blitz finds worrying trends in Roskill

Media statement, for immediate release “Footpath damage in the Puketāpapa area is widespread and creating real issues for those walking and wheeling around the greater Mt Roskill area,” says Julie Fairey, Roskill Community Voice candidate for the Puketapapa Local Board. 174 individual responses were logged online by the community through the Better Footpath Blitz run

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Media Release: Seeking Big Ideas for Mt Roskill Town Centre

For immediate release “It is time for action to turn the Mt Roskill Town Centre from a scruffy strip to an inviting hub – a place that is safe and inviting, supports our local businesses, and reflects the vibrancy and diversity of our people,” says Bobby Shen, architectural designer and Roskill Community Voice candidate for

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MC @tomdoig asks @karlo_mila & Jess what the climate crisis means to them – Jess finds “crisis” problematic, depends on perspective. Some people reject crisis framing, even if still acting on climate change – a palagi term.

Now @karlo_mila is talking about how every single person has a role in working on climate change, sees artists as choosing to make a difference in climate action too.

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