Fairness for Wesley

Mt Roskill has not had it’s fair share over the decades, and Wesley has been particularly badly affected.

In 2013 we pledged to progress Fairness for Wesley through: (updates on each area since 2013 are in brackets):

  • Better library services (We are advocating for Wesley to be the priority for new library services on the isthmus)
  • Education and jobs for our people (Examples include supporting local projects such as Project PETER that focus on skills development in the area, advocating for local employment to be included in the Te Auaunga Awa stormwater programme contracts)
  • A Living Wage (We commited the Puketapapa Local Board to the Living Wage and seeking for all employees and contractors working on Puketapapa projects and work programmes to be paid at least the Living Wage)
  •  Upgrading our parks (Examples include major upgrades of Walmsley and Underwood Parks coming with the stormwater project, including a new playground; improved sporting facilities at Mt Roskill War Memorial Park including the resurfacing of the Lovelock Track)
  •  Fair treatment for housing (Examples include trying to work with Housing New Zealand to encourage good quality state housing, supporting Healthy Homes initiatives, investigating local Warrant of Fitness scheme for rentals)
  •  Traffic safety (Requesting traffic calming be put in on Wesley streets such as O’Donnell and Farrelly, new pedestrian refuge outside the Wesley Community Centre)
  •  Rail to Roskill (Advocating for this project to be on the priority list for Auckland Transport

In 2016 we are updating this list, watch this space!

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