Media statement: Community’s Big Ideas lead to vision to Revive Roskill Town Centre

Community’s Big Ideas lead to vision to Revive Roskill Town Centre

“We have heard the frustrations and ideas from our local community, and now we’ve distilled it all into a vision to set the Mt Roskill Town Centre back on the right track,” says Bobby Shen, Roskill Community Voice candidate for the Puketāpapa  Local Board.

Today Roskill Community Voice, with City Vision candidate for ward councillor Mark Graham and Member of Parliament for Mt Roskill Michael Wood, launched their vision to Revive Roskill Town Centre.

The booklet lays out four focus areas and specific policy ideas to address each:
– Supporting a thriving area for local businesses
– Developing a place that attracts our vibrant and diverse community
– Securing the transport future of Dominion Road
– Creating a safe and flourishing Roskill Town Centre

“It was so encouraging to see the many locals participate in our Big Ideas for Mt Roskill Town Centre discussion. We had over 100 people at the public meeting and over 400 ideas collected online, face to face, and through postcards. It shows just how much the folks here really care about Roskill Town Centre and want to make it a place for people again,” says Mark Graham, City Vision candidate for Albert-Eden-Puketāpapa.

Printed copies of the Revive Roskill Town Centre vision are being given out to all the businesses in the area this week, and the online version is available now at this link on the Roskill Community Voice website.
“Getting all these ideas on paper and presenting a way forward back to the community is really just the beginning of a very big job, and I’m looking forward to working together to get it done in the years to come,” says Bobby Shen.

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