Media statement: Three Kings Cover-up: Council staff refuse to act on Council resolution

On the day of a major community meeting about the Three Kings Quarry case, Roskill Community Voice members of the Puketapapa Local Board are expressing grave concerns after the Council organisation refused to act on a legitimate Local Board resolution seeking planning advice about the Three Kings quarry case.

“In a democracy, it is fundamental that staff follow the properly constituted decisions of elected members. It is utterly extraordinary in this case that Auckland Council staff have closed ranks to try and shut down the Puketapapa Local Board’s advocacy over Three Kings” says Roskill Community Voice representative Harry Doig, who is also Deputy Chair of the Puketapapa Local Board and holds the Three Kings Planning portfolio.

The Puketapapa Local Board requested planning advice on the interaction of the Three Kings Plan and the interim Environment Court decision on Plan Modification 372 (the Fletchers Plan to redevelop Three Kings Quarry). After initially being told internal planning advice could not be provided in the necessary timeframe, the Local Board has now been blocked from seeking external advice, despite having a validly made resolution seeking the advice, and a Local Board budget line to pay for it.

“Once again we feel that the Council organisation is lining up against the community on the future of Three Kings. The community worked with the Local Board to come up with the Three Kings Plan and the Local Board has invested in further work to progress the outcomes agreed in that Plan. Yet the Local Board is continually stymied by officers who seem determined to block local input even after Fletchers themselves have backed down from their original position in the court,” says Mr Doig.

 “Auckland Council was embarrassed in the Environment Court when key points such as the depth of the development, that had been raised by the Board and community, but ignored by Fletchers and Council, were affirmed by the Court. To now have Council officers decide to simply not implement a legitimate Local Board decision feels like an organisation closing ranks to protect itself. The actions appear to breach basic democratic norms and we reserve our options to progress matters” says Julie Fairey, Chair of the Puketapapa Local Board.
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