Local Board candidates make 24 hour pledge

In an Auckland first, Roskill Community Voice candidates standing for the Puketapapa Local Board are making a pledge to work at least twenty four hours per week if elected to the Board.

“The Local Board role is an important community governance position, yet there is little in the way of formal accountability for whether elected members put the time in that is required. The Remuneration Authority has based its decision on the appropriate pay for Local Board members on an assessment that at least twenty four hours per week is required to perform the role adequately”, says Roskill Community Voice candidate Julie Fairey, the current Board Chair.

“While most Board members work hard, some continue to take remuneration from Council while holding down other weighty positions, resulting in limited attendance and participation. That isn’t good enough.”

“Of course, just working the hours isn’t sufficient. It is important to be engaged and open minded, effective in decision making, and financially savvy. However, a starting point should be that elected members do the hours they are paid for”

“At the same time as making the pledge, we are also releasing attendance and accountability records (graph attached) for the 2013-16 term which show that Roskill Community Voice members of the Board have all had high rates of meeting attendance (from 93% to 100% for formal meetings) and accountability.”

“We’re proud of our record and the progress we have made building a proud, progressive, and prosperous Roskill. We pledge to do the work required in the next term to make even more progress for our community”, says Ms Fairey.

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