Media Release: City Vision Candidates Selected and Campaigning

City Vision Media Release

City Vision Candidates Selected and Campaigning 

City Vision is the first team to select candidates and start campaigning across the Waitemata and Albert-Eden-Roskill wards for this year’s Auckland Council elections.

“Over the past three years our elected members on the Governing Body of Council, Local Boards, Licensing Trusts, and the Auckland District Health Board have led the way. With strong and effective incumbents in place, and an exciting group of community-connected new candidates, we are ready and eager to take our message out to the people of our communities” says City Vision spokesperson Gwen Shaw.

“Our communities need a strong voice in the Auckland Council structure, and it is City Vision who will provide that. In our communities we are the only team who stands for:

  • Public ownership of our important community assets.
  • Better public transport including completion of the City Rail Link
  • Giving our communities a real voice by delegating responsibility and resources to the local level.

“City Vision is ready and organised. We will be taking our campaign to local streets and town centres to hear from local people and to win their support. Local people deserve a strong community voice and we will deliver”, says Gwen Shaw.


Full media release available on Scoop, with all City Vision affiliated and endorsed candidates. Below are the ones relevant to the Puketapapa Local Board area.

Albert-Eden-Roskill Ward – City Vision 

Cathy Casey – Dr Cathy Casey, the current Albert-Eden-Roskill ward Councillor is experienced and effective. She is a strong advocate for building strong inclusive communities across Auckland with access to quality council services and facilities like libraries and community centres.

Peter Haynes – As Albert-Eden Local Board Chair, Peter Haynes has worked to protect AlbertEden’s heritage and character, improve our open spaces and strengthen the local economy. A strong believer in local democracy and transparent processes, he looks forward to greater emphasis on community-led initiatives in the next term.

Puketapapa Local Board – Roskill Community Voice

Michael Wood – Michael is a Dad of two from Roskill South, a sitting member of the Puketapapa Local Board, and has wide involvement and experience in a range of community groups. He is a passionate supporter of Roskill’s parks and heritage, and believes that it is time for Roskill to receive a fairer share of Council resources.

Garth Houltham – Garth is a father of one son and has resided in Hillsborough for sixteen years. He is committed to protecting the heritage of Roskill, improving public transport and getting a fairer deal for Roskill residents.

Julie Fairey – Julie is a current member of the Puketapapa Local Board and helped to establish the Puketapapa Garden Web to support Roskill’s community gardens. She has a strong interest in helping advocate for our area’s needs, in particular better access to community funding and public input to Council decision-making.

Harry Doig – Harry has been involved with community development for a number of years – the last two in Puketapapa / Mt Roskill. He believes that Puketapapa residents should have a greater say in how their community works and believes that the Local Board is a great way for residents to have their say.

David Holm – David has lived in the Puketapapa Board area since 1970 and sees it as a great place to bring up a family. He is keen for the Board to involve the community in initiatives to provide local employment, reduce congestion and plan for liveable housing and recreation facilities.

Shail Kaushal – Shail is City Vision’s youngest candidate and brings with him fresh thinking, new ideas about leadership, and great energy. He is also committed to being a voice for Mt Roskill’s diverse ethnic communities. A proud graduate from Mt Roskill Intermediate and Grammar, he is passionate about sustainability, giving youth a fair go, putting families first and developing safer communities with better resourcing for Roskill.

Auckland District Health Board – City Vision Health

Jo Agnew – Jo is a wife, mother of two and a Registered nurse who works in Nursing Education. She has served on the ADHB for the last six years. Two areas of great interest and concern to Jo are the Disability sector and the older person’s health sector. Jo believes it is imperative that nursing as a profession is represented on the ADHB so that patient advocacy is prioritised and a clinical focus is maintained.

Will ‘Ilolahia – Will is a Pasifika grandfather of 12, born and bred in Auckland’s CBD. He has been a Gullian barre Syndrome sufferer and wants to be strong advocate for patients on the DHB. He believes that the DHB must serve the interests of all New Zealanders, both new and old.

Helen Gaeta – Helen works in the Health Faculty at AUT University, teaching neuroscience and conducting research on the ageing brain. Helen believes equal access to preventive and primary health care is a cornerstone of social wellbeing.

Robyn Northey – Robyn is a sitting member of the DHB and has worked her whole adult life in front line health services as a Chief Executive, General Manager of Age Care and Disability Services, Health Social Worker and School Dental Nurse. She believes that all Aucklanders who are sick or have a disability should receive effective and timely treatment and services.

Also running for ADHB under the City Vision Health banner: Jeanette Elley, Brent Morrissey and Lesley Whyte

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