Pylon Pollution Postcards to Put Pressure on Politicians

Roskill Community Voice is continuing its long-standing campaign to bury the high-voltage power lines that run through the Puketapapa community, with postcards to the two main candidates for the Mt Roskill seat in the general election.  
“Our people and waterways deserve respect.  It’s time to responsibly bury the power lines that blot our landscape,” says David Holm, from Roskill Community Voice.
“We are asking people who agree the pylons need to come down to sign postcards to both the National and Labour candidates for Mt Roskill, so we can show this important local issue matters to voters,” says Mr Holm.
“We are seeking a commitment from those most likely to represent Mt Roskill in Parliament after September 23rd, that they will support the community and take action on pylon pollution,” says Harry Doig, also of Roskill Community Voice. 
“I have written to both Dr Parmar and Mr Wood inviting them to receive a presentation of postcards, and the results of an online version through Facebook, on Monday September 18th at 5.30pm at Taylors Bay, Frederick St, Hillsborough.  We look forward to seeing them there, and welcome any queries from the candidates or others” says Mr Doig.
The postcard wording is as follows:

To Parmjeet Parmar / Michael Wood,

I/we the undersigned Mt Roskill voter(s), support the campaign to end pylon pollution on the Manukau harbour.  Transpower promised in August 2016 “to work actively through community and environmental programmes to mitigate the impact of their network.”

Our people and waterways deserve respect.  It’s time to responsibly bury the power lines that blot our landscape.

Will your party request Transpower to:

1. Undertake a cost/benefit analysis for a programme to remove pylons carrying high-voltage power lines from the Manukau harbour and the Auckland isthmus?

2. Provide ongoing long term funding for pylon removals?  In the five years to 2016, Transpower paid divides of over $1.12 billion to the government, so money is available.

3.  Allow for the removal of high voltage pylons in the way of the East-West Expressway project and the Panuku Auckland (Transform Onehunga) project?  

More background on this long-running campaign can be found here:
Images of the postcard front and back are available on our Facebook page: and our website
Contact:  David Holm [email protected]
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