Renewed mandate in Puketapapa

Roskill Community Voice welcomes renewed mandate in Puketapapa

“The Roskill Community Voice team is delighted to have received a renewed mandate to lead the Puketapapa Local Board over the next three years” says re-elected RCV candidate and 2013-16 Board Chair, Julie Fairey.

“With the provisional results now confirmed Roskill Community Voice has definitely retained four out of six positions on the Board (incumbent members Julie Fairey, David Holm, and Harry Doig; and new member Anne-Marie Coury). We are also hopeful that Shail Kaushal will also join us as a fifth RCV member of the Board once Special votes are confirmed later this week”.  Shail is currently nearly 200 votes ahead of the seventh ranked candidate, and results are confirmed on Thursday 13th October.

“We believe in active leadership and have worked hard to build a Roskill that is proud, progressive, and prosperous over the past three years. Sometimes that means that we have had to make difficult decisions to move our community forward. Even when people haven’t always agreed, we believe that we have won respect for showing leadership and governing from a strong set of progressive values”

“At this election we say goodbye to retiring RCV Board member Michael Wood who is now campaigning to replace Phil Goff as the next Labour MP for Mt Roskill. We wish him well. We also acknowledge our RCV colleage Ofisa Tonu’u who did not make it on to the Board this time – we are sure that his service to the community will continue in many ways.”

“In 2013, Roskill Community Voice team was the first progressive team to win a majority at the local government level in Mt Roskill since the Second World War. We are proud of the work we have been able to do with our community since then, we are honoured to receive people’s trust and confidence at this election, and we will work every day to make our community an even better place”, says Julie Fairey.


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