Our Policies

Health & Wellbeing

Updated and re-named for 2019 Everyone deserves to be able to be safe and well in their own community. We will support positive health and wellbeing initiatives and advocate fearlessly on behalf of our community to reduce harm. What we’ve done: Led a successful community campaign to stop the opening of a new large liquor

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Local Economic Development

Updated for 2019 We’ve built a focused local policy on economic development issues that will provide jobs, support local enterprises, and revitalise our run-down town centres. What we’ve done: Run the Big Ideas for Mt Roskill Town Centre campaign, bringing together over 400 ideas from the community gathered online, in sessions with local school children,

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Community Connection

Updated for 2019 Community connection is so important, and the local board has an important role to play to support people to know their neighbours and their area, and have an opportunity to celebrate and share their cultures. What we’ve done Championed local heritage, saving important local buildings, investing in heritage studies, signage and trails,

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Environment & Parks

We treasure our local environment. Our maunga, foreshore, streams, and network of parks give us space to roam, a sense of identity, and recreational opportunities. We will work to protect and enhance our environment and open space.

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Housing & Planning

Updated for 2019 Our area has been playing catch-up after decades of under investment in affordable housing and planning. We’ve come a long way in the last six years but there’s till a lot to do to see thriving neighbourhoods, exciting town centres, quality urban environments, and appropriate affordable housing for our families. This will

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Three Kings Issues

This is our 2016 policy – to give you an idea of what we have done on this in the past and progress made.  We continue our vigilance and advocacy! The Three Kings community faces huge change over the coming 5-10 years, with the establishment of a major residential development in the quarry, Unitary Plan

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