Children and Young People

Updated for 2019.

Our young people and children are strengths in our community, not problems to be ‘solved’. We see those aged 25 and younger as citizens now, to be valued and respected, encouraged to have a voice in civic processes and participate in community life, be it in local parks, schools, workplaces, town centres, community facilities, or their own homes.

What we’ve been doing

  • Supported the establishment of the Puketāpapa Youth Board, a great representative group of local 14 to 25 year olds who have organised successful annual Youth Summits to gather youth issues and ideas, and given valuable input to council.
  • A strong focus on linking our local young people to training, skill development, and apprenticeships, as local as possible, such as through Te Whangai Trust in the Walmsley/Underwood and Freeland Reserve projects.
  • Focused on support for local start-up businesses in particular social enterprises, for those young people looking to create their own jobs.
  • Pushed for Auckland Council to be a Living Wage employer, and from 1st September 2019 all Auckland Council direct employees have been paid the Living Wage or above, lifting the incomes of young workers and local families.
  • Funded Children’s Panel work in local schools to give children a voice in their community, and a say outside school and home.
  • Resourced children- and youth-focused activities at Roskill Youth Zone, with partners like Global Hope Missions
  • Supported public transport and active transport improvements to make it easier for children and young people to get around without relying on a car.

What’s Next?

  • Support the Puketāpapa Youth Board in their review of the Youth Action Plan, and their aspirations for the next iteration.
  • Better involve children and young people in local park design through trying new consultation methods, starting with the playground upgrade coming for Keith Hay Park South.
  • Investigate how to actively involve our citizens aged 25 and younger in the further development and implementation of the Healthy Puketāpapa Action Plan
  • Deliver on our Revive Roskill Town Centre vision to make the Roskill shops a great place for children and young people.
  • Continue advocating for more training and employment opportunities for local youth on large projects in Roskill like the Central Interceptor, HNZ developments.


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