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Updated for 2019

Our local environment is a treasure, and we will work to protect and enhance it. Parts of our extensive park network are ideally suited to conservation, and others to a multitude of uses such as dog walking, sportsfields, playgrounds, passive recreation and more. We will balance investment across our area and across the many different needs our parks meet for our community.

What We’ve Done

  • Delivered stage 1 of the Waikōwhai Coast boardwalk, with funding and resource consent secured for stage 2 and construction due in 2020.
  • Got a commitment from Transpower to take down two of the three high voltage power lines running through our community in their long term plan.
  • Consulted on improved playgrounds across our park network, creating a range of play spaces around the area, with new playgrounds coming at Keith Hay Park south and Waikōwhai Park soon.
  • Supported the Manukau Harbour Forum to raise the status of the harbour, and the remediation of the landfill at Waikōwhai Park, as well as funding SafeSwim beach monitoring for our area for the first time.
  • Worked with local communities on concept plans for Arthur Faulkner Reserve, Keith Hay Park, Freeland Reserve, Mt Roskill War Memorial Park, Waikōwhai Park, Monte Cecilia Park, Harold Long and Fearon Parks, Margaret Griffen Park and Hillsborough Cemetery.
  • Put local flavour and expectations into the Te Auaunga Project in Wesley, resulting in the transformation of Walmsley and Underwood Parks with important new amenities, local jobs, and more.
  • Upgraded many local park facilities such as improved three of Keith Hay Parks carparks making them safer and better, improved lighting and fields to increase playing hours at Keith Hay Park and Mt Roskill War Memorial Park, connected Harold Long Reserve and Fearon Park, and continued track improvements along the Waikōwhai Coast.
  • Begun to implement the Te Auaunga Oakley Creek Vision for the upper catchment, in particular at Walmsley and Underwood Parks, with works coming soon at Freeland Reserve and plantings at the Roskill Campus.
  • Completed Puketāpapa’s first Low Carbon Action Plan
  • Funded a long-term programme to remove pine trees from the Cape Horn area
  • Supported organisations working directly with our community on initiatives like Tread Lightly, teaching children about the environmental impact of what we put down the drains, and Healthy Rentals to improve the warmth and dryness of rental housing in the area.
  • Delivered accessibility audits for all major parks in the area, so that people can more easily plan their visits and know what is available to support their activities.

What’s Next

  • Continue to implement the Te Auaunga Oakley Creek Vision for the upper catchment, in particular at Keith Hay Park, Arkells Reserve, and Mt Roskill War Memorial Park.
  • Continue collaborating with other Local Boards through the Manukau Harbour Forum on the next steps after the hydrodynamic modelling for the whanga is complete.
  • Secure a win-win outcome at Monte Cecilia Park the retains seniors social housing and expands the park entrance on the current Liston Village site.
  • Continue developing and improving the track network along the Waikōwhai Coast, with the ultimate aim of providing a connection off-road from Onehunga to Blockhouse Bay at all tides.
  • Get funding for a new playground at Monte Cecilia Park.
  • Continue building infrastructure and community capacity to shift to active low-carbon modes of transport to move around our community, through the Puketāpapa Greenways Plan (reviewed in 2017).
  • Undertake a catchment vision for Wairaki Stream in Lynfield, followed by a concept plan for Lynfield Reserve
  • Support community efforts to improve our local environment through volunteer plantings days, pest control and Friends groups for parks.
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