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Updated for 2019

Our area has been playing catch-up after decades of under investment in affordable housing and planning. We’ve come a long way in the last six years but there’s till a lot to do to see thriving neighbourhoods, exciting town centres, quality urban environments, and appropriate affordable housing for our families. This will only happen through wide-ranging community involvement and strong local leadership.

What We’ve Done

  • Implemented our Vision for Three Kings policy, including producing a community-led Three Kings Plan, and supported local community groups in the efforts to successfully secure a better result for the quarry redevelopment.
  • Ensured our community had a voice in the Unitary Plan process by turning up and speaking at council processes
  • Worked with council and developers to encourage increased quality housing in our area, in particular Housing New Zealand developments that will provide new warm dry social housing in some of our more deprived suburbs.
  • Campaigned for the retention of seniors social housing at Liston Village and invested to come up with win-win solutions that also expand the Monte Cecilia Park entrance.
  • Successfully advocated for Local Boards to have a role in the resource consent process and monitored them closely to ensure as much community input as possible.
  • Entered into an Intergrated Area Planning process with Albert-Eden Local Board and Housing NZ as well as Council, that will see comprehensive area planning done for parts of our community for the first time ever.

What’s Next

  • Securing Liston Village’s future as seniors social housing working in harmony with the future needs of Monte Cecilia Park.
  • Continue to fight at every opportunity for the community- supported Three Kings Plan to be upheld, to achieve its key outcomes for a high quality residential development, respect for the maunga and positive open space connections that facilitate active transport and links to the town centre. We’ve had a lot of wins on this but it’s not over yet! We are the only local team that supports the community on this issue.
  • Support a focus on building more affordable and social housing locally that meets the highest possible sustainable housing standards and provides the mix of housing our community needs.
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