Three Kings Issues

This is our 2016 policy – to give you an idea of what we have done on this in the past and progress made.  We continue our vigilance and advocacy!

The Three Kings community faces huge change over the coming 5-10 years, with the establishment of a major residential development in the quarry, Unitary Plan changes, and ongoing intensification. It is essential that this change is guided by a strong community-led vision.

What we’ve done:

Prior to the 2013 election we released our  ‘Vision for Three Kings’,a comprehensive policy platform that outlines our approach to Three Kings issues, informed by what we hade heard from the local community over the past three years. We have worked hard over the last three years, despite opposition from the council organisation and the two C&R representatives on the local board, to implement as much of this as possible in line with community wishes.

  • We Created a specific Three Kings Planning portfolio and budget lines.
  • Completed and released the Three Kings Plan 2014, through extensive consultation with the community, to inform future development in the area.
  • Championed the Three Kings Plan in planning processes such as the Fletchers’ Private Plan Change hearings, the Unitary Plan, and the land exchange.
  • Commissioned noted landscape architect Richard Reid to develop an alternative development plan for the quarry site, in line with the Three Kings Plan and community expectations.
  • Created a Three Kings Heritage Trail, to be launched during this year’s Heritage Festival.
  • New mural to replace Grumpy Cat, by the same artist, on the Three Kings Tennis Pavillion.

What’s Next

  • Continue to fight at every opportunity for the community- supported Three Kings Plan to be upheld, to achieve its key outcomes for a high quality residential development, respect for the maunga and positive open space connections that facilitate active transport and links to the town centre.
  • Working with the Tupuna Maunga Authority to rehabilitate Te Tatua a Riukiuta / Big King, including the removal of the water reservoir and opportunities for local people to volunteer on the maunga.
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