Updated for 2019

We champion better public transport so that local people have real choices for travelling around our city and within our community. We support investing in safe walk and cycle routes, and in making existing roads safer for all users.

What we’ve done:

  • Supported better public transport including double deckers on 25 and 27 routes, improved cross-town routes like the frequent 66 and 68, and won the 191 bus route to connect Lynfield to Blockhouse Bay
  • Reviewed the Puketāpapa Greenways Network and continued to progress key routes so that people can walk and cycle around more of our community safely and pleasantly
  • Collaborated to win commitment from Auckland Transport, Auckland Council and central government to light rail on Dominion Road
  • Run the Better Footpath Blitz to highlight the poor state of local footpaths, get them fixed, and show Auckland Transport they need to get better at responding to footpath problems.
  • Improved pedestrian safety around schools, including funding three new safer crossing points on Hillsborough Road.
  • Held the Great Puketāpapa Mt Roskill Bus Survey 2018, to gather local feedback on the New Bus Network, and suggest improvements to AT, many of which are being picked up on.
  • Delivered the shared path cycleway route, and a separated bike lane, on Sandringham Rd Extn to connect up the SH20 regional route to Wesley and other east-west paths through local parks
  • Pushed to include a bike pump track in Underwood Park as part of Te Auaunga Project, for learners and for fun, and for one to be added to proposed future improvements of Margaret Griffen Park.

What’s next?

  • Push for a regional Footpath Strategy, to address all the competing uses of our footpaths including walking, e-scootering, wheelchair and mobility scooter users, wheelie bins and more, and gather local stories and data to support this.
  • Investigate local community-led accessibility audits for streets and footpaths to help people more easily access key council facilities and public transport interchanges.
  • Ensure the light rail plan for Dominion Road serves our community well and includes local views in the design process. (See more about this in our vision to Revive Roskill Town Centre)
  • Continue to support local cycling groups like Bike Kitchen and Global Hope Missions, in particular to work with sports clubs to provide alternative ways to get to training and competition.
  • Deliver Greenway paths through Freeland Reserve to May Road School and connecting Roskill Campus eastwards to Monte Cecilia Park.
  • Work with Auckland Transport, local schools and neighbouring local boards to develop signage across the Greenway network so people can more easily find their way around when off-road.
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